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Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19,

In India the number of cases of coronavirus is on a steep rise. More than 160 people have put Covid-19 to the test. Several states are in a lockout of shut down malls, colleges, and cinema halls. For those who can, the central government has urged people to avoid excessive travel and work from home.

There are a few items expected to be held in kind in the fight against coronavirus. In the aftermath of theCovid-19 outbreak, here's your fast guide to staying healthy.

Coronavirus: How does it affect the body

According to an study of the disease progression in 191 Wuhan patients published in the journal "Lancet," the Sars-Cov-2 virus travels from the back of the throat, to the lungs and then to the blood.

Scientists have known for some time now that when they cough or sneeze the virus spreads by respiratory droplets released by an infected person. Some may contract the infection either by inhaling these droplets or by touching the surfaces they land on and then rubbing their eyes, nose and mouth. This can be avoided by at least 20 seconds of daily hand washing.